Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

6 Ofgoing to GOD immediately... tithing ' loft Soul, . had it not been for Jefus Chrift ; whole Spirit, power, grace, comfort, pretence, fweetnefs, I tale, drink, and am fa- tisfied abundantly with, and now do enjoy. Oh Sir, methinks the fad meditation of this, Ihould make you, in all Goo's ordinances, Were you are apt to fay you . go immediately to God, to flatten fuddenly in your thoughts, affe&ions, praifes, to jefus Chrift. Nas, methinks you fhould fpeedily have your heart elevated and lifted up to Jefus Chrift, and fay, .1 rece;ve this, and tafte this from Jefus Chriff Oh, but this is bat a tafte of the honey-comb with the end of my rod ; and if this pretence of Chrift's Spirit I feel now be fb tweet, what is Ilimfelf then ? 3. Labour for increafe of love and familiarity. with jefus Chrift, by taking notice of him, by coming often to him, by muffing daily on his love, as on a frefh thing, banifhing flavifh falle fears of his forgetfulnefs of you, and want of everlaffing love towards you : and then you know love will carry you fpeedily to him : amor mesa pondus aneum. Nay, grant that you have been a ftran- mer to Chrift, yet reftore the love of Chrift to life again in your foul ; and when you came to his ordinances, where he dwells, your Soul will snake its firft enquiry for him ; neither will it be fatisfred till it has feen him, as we do themwe love, iowarda whom we have been greateft frangers. CASE, V.