Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Of applying Me Abfolute Promifes. 2," CASE V. Of applying the abfolute Prot/lifts. Your fifth trouble is, you know not hew to apply abfolute Promifes to your felt, as in Heb. 8, becaufe they are, made indefinitely without condition. Conditional Promifes you fay you can, if you can find the qualification that gives you right to the good of the pi-mire within you. _linty.). This ufeful fruitful que1lion, how to ap- ply abfolute promifes to ones particular, deferves a larger time and anfwer, than now in the midst of perplexities, I am able, yet willing, to give. For when the Lord faith abfolutely without con- dition, that he will rake away the flony heart, and he will put his fear into his pe p!;'? hearts, &'y and these kind of promifes are made to fome, not cu all, to .thole only whom the Lord will, and in general to his people ; Hereupon the Souls of many Chriffians, efpecially fuch as quefticn God's love towards them, are molt in fufpence and therefore when they. complain of the vile- neff of their hearts and flrength of their lufis, let any man tell them that the Lord has under- taken in the Second covenant, to heal their back- - flidings, and to fubdue their iniquities ; they will hereupon reply, it is true, he has promifed indeed to do thus for Tome abfolutely, though they have no good" in them, but I that feel fo vile a heart, fo rebellious a nature, will he do this for me, or no ? And thus the Soul floats above water, vet fears it fhall fink at laff, notwithfîanding all that God has