Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

$. Of applying the "'Volute ,Primzfes, has Paid. I will anfwer therefore briefly there two things in general. i, I (hall Phew you to what end, and for what ufe and purpofe God has made abfolute promifes, mot only to them that be for the prefent his peo- ple, but to them that in refpea of their eftates and condition are not. 2. I (hall Phew you how every Gbr /i'ian it ti make ufe of them, and how and when he ought to apply them. For the írrfl of there, I. Firf}, I conceive, that as in refpe& cf Gad himfelf, there are many ends which I !hall not mention, as being needlefs ; fo in refpe6t of man there are principally there ts,o ends for which the Lord has made abfolute promifes. z, To raife up the Soul of a helplefs, finful, turfed, loft (inner in his own eyes, to tome hope, at leaft, of mercy and help from the Lord. Fcr thus ufually every man's Soul is wrought, to whom the Lord doth intend grace and mercy ; he & It turns his eyes inward, and makes him to fee he is flark naught, and that he has not one dram of grace ii, him, who thought himfelf rich, and wanting nothing before ; and conic- quently, that he is under the curfe and wrath of God for the prefent, and that if the Lord Mould but flop his breath, and cover his face, and take him away, which he may eafily do, and this to be feared he will, that he is undone forever. Hereupon the Soul is awakened and falls to his kitchen phyfick, as I fpake before, prays, and hears, and amends, and Drives togrow better, and to (top up every hole, and to amend it felt of every