Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Of applying the Abfolute Promifcs. 3.5 condition Lord, that thou wilt humble me, teach me, perfwade me, caufe me to believe, and in every thing to honour thee ; Lord, I am Con- tented gladly and joyfully to have thee ; do there- fore what thou wilt with me. Juft as a fick man tells his Phyfician, who comes not to him on thefe terms, If you will make your felf half whole, then I will cure you, and do the ref} for you ; but being utterly unable to cure, or to know how to cure himfelf, he tells his Phyfici.- an ; I am content you fhould begin and perfc& the cure, and fo honour your fkill and love in me, to be contented to take any thing if you will give it me, and if I offer to refill that, you fhould bind me, and fo du any thing with me. 2. The fecond ati is, earne/lly to long and come to Chrill, to cleave unto yell's Chrill by fervent and ardent deftre, that he would make good thole ab- folute promifes to you, teeing that they are made to fome, and that they do not exclude you. For when you ponder well, and fee what won - derful great things the Lord promifeth to fume, whole heart cannot but be furred up to fay, as that woman in another cafe, Lord, give me of that water to. drink ! and as they in the fifth of John, Lord evermore give us that bread.! Now doing this, refle l upon this Secónd aa,-and fee if unto it no conditional promife belongs, and you (hall find an affirmative anfwer from the word. For what is this longing after the good, not of fame (which many hypocrites do) but of all the promifes, but that which the Scripture calls ThirJiing ? who are commanded to come