Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

6 Of applying the 4bfolute Promife;. and drinkof the waters of life freely, Ifa. 55 Y, 2 ; and Hungring ? to which all good things are promifed, Nat. 5.6 ; and Coming to Chrift, as I fpake even now ? who has given this as the firit fruit of eternal eleaion, and which kind of peo- ple he will never cart away, John 6. 37. Now when you fee thefe promifes belonging unto you, why dare you not conclude but that all .thefe ab- folute ones are your's all() ? 3. The third ati is this ; Seeing God hath promifed abfolutely fuch good things in the Se- cond Covenant, but bath not let down the time when, or how much grace he will give, and fee- ing only he can help ; therefore look up, and wait upon the Lord in the ufe of all known means, until he makes good what he bath promifed to do, andperform, and work for you. Say, as beggars that have but one door to go to for bread, if none hear, or hearing help not, lay themfelves down at the door, and fay ; I will wait here, I am lure I perifh if I go away, or quarrel with them in the houfe becaufe they help me not fo foon as I would ; and therefore I will wait, for it may be their compafiiions may move them as they pats by to help me. So do you. Many a Soul comes and longs for the good of the Promifes; but if the Lord do not fpeedily help him, he goes with difcouragements, fears, and difcontents, or defpair, or fin away, and faith one of thefe two things, either I (hall never have help, or I come not truly, and hence I feel no help. Oh remem- ber that bread is only to be had at the door, to be diftributed when the Lord Beth heed, not when