Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Of applying the 4bfolute Promifes. 37 when we would, or think we have need ; and therefore wait here and fay, if I perifh here, I will at the feet of God, and at the feet of the promifes and covenant of God, &c. Now reflex upon this a6t, and fee if you may not find fome conditional promife annexed unto it ; which furely you may, and I will name you but two, Ifa. 40. 29, 30, 31 ; and Ifa. 6. 4, 4. And if the conditional promife belongs to fuch a Soul, you may eafily conclude the abfolute pro- miles are your own : and the chiefeft ufe you are to make of themwhen you know them that they are your own, is to prefs God to make them good daily to you ; and to believe as verily and really, as if you had the performance of them, that they (hall. It may be you will afk me, Ho'w ;hall I know whether I have thefe conditions truly in me ? I anfwer, fincerity is a very wit - nefiing grace ; the frequent meditation of the Scripture will give you much light, to judge of the fincerity of them, and that which Saint Paul fpeaks, r. Cor. 2. 12, I fay unto you, We have not received the fpirit of the World, but of God, whereby we know, (or may know) the things that are freely given to us of Gad. 3. If he be cut of the covenant, but yet Gad be- gins to work with fame common work of his grace upon him ; all that I would fay to him, and all the ufe he can make of fuch abfolute promifes, confrfls in thefe things ; r. Let him confider the Freenefs of God's promife, whereby he may be flirted up to con- ceive Tome hope it may be made good to him in time.