Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

38 Of applying the llhfolute Promifes. time. For the promife is very free and large, ex- cluding none (except thofe that fin unpardonably) be their fins and natures never fo vile before God ; and yet not including any by name, for that is in the conditional promife: And hence fuch an one is to make this ufe of it ; Who knows but the Lord may have pity upon me in time ? and fo hang thy hope upon him. 2. Let him confider the Forth and Price of God's promife, bought by blood, and for which fome men would give a thoufand worlds for the benefit and comfort of ; and hereby raife up his heart, as by the Freenefs of it to hope, fo by the Price of it to elteem of the thing' promifed, above pearls, and all the honour and pomp of the world. 3. Let him confider the Fulnefs of the pre- mile, which is a plaifter as big as his fore, juff anfwerable to all his wants, nay infinitely more large than his wants. And furely thefe three things will draw his heart to long for the pro- mife ; and then you know what is conditionally promifed and bequeathed to them that thirf! For fimilitude is the ground of love. Now when the Fulnefs of the Promife is teen, there will appear fuch a futablenefs and fitnefs of the'pro- mile to his foul, that he cannot but long for it. Thus much for the fifth trouble. CASE