Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Of UNWILLINGNESS to C A S E V 1. 39 Of Unwillingnefs to and LYearinefs in folemn Services. Your fixth trouble fet clown in two heads, put into one for brevity, viz fecret unwillingnefs to feek God in the flri 7 f folemn fervices, before you enter into them; wearinefs of them while they Taft ; and gladnefs when they are gone the reafons which you mention are, partly fear of not ufing them aright, together with, melancholy, and laftly, the ftriEtnefs of them. flnfw. It is very true, there is abundance of wildnefs in our hearts, which naturally feek to have their liberty abroad, and cannot endure to be pent in the narrow room of holy performances, extraordinary duties, &c, no more than children can be pent up from their play. And hence we are weary of them, and glad to think of their departures and ends. And truly it is one of the molt grievous miferies that a holy heart can feel, and I befeech the Lord of heaven and earth to keep you, and me, and all his for ever, while we are here in our valley, under the fenfe of fuck cdifteMpers, as our greateft mifery. And there- fore me thought it .was a folemn fweet fpeech of an honeft man to his friend ; who feeing him opprefred with fuch diflempers as you mention, and perceiving him to droop under them, he came chearfully to him, and fuddenly laid unto him ; I can tell you good news, the belt that ever you heard, viz, Affoon as ever you are in Hea- t yen,