Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

to 4o and WEARINESS i» SOLEMN SERVICES, yen, you fhall ferve Chrif{ without wearinefs Which words well thought on, revived the man. That which I would fpeak, with as much tender- nefs of compaflîon as I am able, to you, I refer to thefe things. i. That a child of God is never ufually weary of the duty, but rather of his vile heart, to think of, and to look upon ; that in the duty Chri/1'3 yoke is eajie, and his burthen light, to him that rakes it on his neck and puts his Soul under it. The duty nakedly confidered in it felf, is glorious in his eyes, and fweet to his Soul ; and hence fometirnes never well, but when he confiders his dead, blind, barren, and fenfelefs heart, that he is to carry to the duty, and that he fears, and has felt will abide with him in the duty Oh 9 this grieves, here the Soul pincheth. An Hypo- crite is weary of the duty : a child of God re- joiceth in it ; but he is weary of his fin, and unfavourinefs and wearinefs in the duty.. I per- fwade my felf Sir, that you may loon miflake your fpirit herein ; you think you are unwilling to come to the duty ; and are weary of it, when indeed, it is your glory, joy, and love ; but it is becaufe you fear you can do it no better, that troubles you, that you have fuch a vile heart in it. And if your trouble be from hence, the good Lord increafe it in you daily and withal, blefs the Lord, and fay, .` Lord though I am weary a of my vile heart, in thefe days of humiliation, a in thefe Sabbaths ; yet I biers thee, the days " and duties themfelves thou knowefl are dear 6 unto me i It is not Lord besat>>fe X am wea:y é Of