Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Hw to know the Movu c's ofthe Sprx!r; not create and difufe the grace. The Prophet called, you know, for a Miniftril ; which form think, and that upon good grounds, was to mile up his heavy heart, and make him chear® eul and fit to (peak : the body is the inftrument, which if it be broken, the heft graces will hardly found t but if whole, then they will. 3. If you would know when thefe things only draw out grace, or make a thing like unto grace in the Soul ? I anfwcr, by thefe two things chiefly. a. If-it be true grace, it ever makes you mora Amble and vile in your own eyes, and fay Lord,; why doft thou give me any defire to thee, any r:hearfuinefs in ferving thee ? 2. It maker, you mare thankful, and to blefs the Lord that he thus remembers you For this is fiat zding r.ley, ' What ever comes from nature, and a Man's fell, it ever builds up it fell, and f' returns to fell again ; what ever grace comes from Chrift, it drives a man out of himfelf, by making him bumble and draws him unto Chrift that fent him, by makinghim thankful 9a I think all graces, and ítirrings, and movinge that have not this double effe& ir. foammea- lure, are to be fufpe}ed ; and if they have, it s dangerods to doubt whether they are true or .6;!: