Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Offeting a Poftive PROVIDENCE, QUEST ION V. Of Peeing a Poitive Providence. Again, Your fifth thing about Providence ; you fay you cannot fee a pofative providence, al- though you do fee a n;Tative providence in all your occafions, and comforts, and croffes, you meet withal ; as namely, you can thank God foe not taking away your life, &,c, but you cannot fee God giving it. I anfwer, T. Confider what I writ to you at firm about this queftion in general. 2. Ponder fadly whether. any crca"ure or ap- purtenance to it, has its Being from it felf, or from the will and word of God ; viz, I wilt have fuch a man to be, and fuch a memory to he, &c. I. think you will fay nothing can make it fell ; therefore here is a poltive providence in having 'life, liberty, &c. y. Confider whether the fame will and word that gives it a Being, together with all the ap- purtenances to it, doth not alto give it 43 and k.htion. That it is fo, I thus dernonfirate ; (t) Every creature is made for an end ; for no wife efficient, but works for tome wife end : (2) That no creature can lead it felf to its end, if fnful or irrational (3) God mull and doth lead it by its feveral a.`.Is and rnovings to that énd Hence (.) Every aa is determined by God. And although I grant fore creatures move freely, four needfully ; yet it is from a pofrrive will