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The Sincere Convert, get.mercy,however I can but die, and it is bet- ter to die at Chrifts_ feet , then in thine own puddle : Content not your felv es therefore with your bare reformation and amending your lives ; this but to crofs the debt in thineown book, it remaineth uncancelled in the creditors book : but go, take, offer up this eternal Sacrifice before the eyes of God the Father,and cry guilty at his barr, and look for mercy from him figh under thy bondagel that as 111-ores was ferit unto the /frac/ites, fo may Chrift befent into thy foul. Reft not therefore in the fight or fenfe of a lelplefs conchtion, laying, I cannot help my felf,unlefs Chrift Both : figh unto the Lord jefus in Hea- ven for fuccour,and admire the Lord for ever,' that when there was no help, and when he might have railed out of the flones children to praife him , yet he fhould fend his Son out of his borome to lave thee. So much for this Particular. The fifth Divine 'Principle follows to be handled. 83 Fcw are raved, and tha- wits difficulty. CHAP. y., That thore that art faved are very few oind" that tThofe that are laved, arc favedwith very much difficulty. , QTrait is thegate,and n' rrorti is theway that f.ti:1 LI leAdeth moo life,and few there be that find principle. it, Mat. 7. 14. G 2 Here