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ew are ; favd, and thit with' diíicul y, Doff."' Luc < 12+ Few Caved in all ages. As the world, in- creafed in 11u 12llter, fa i. in dti+ickes;= nefs. The ,:) rncere Convert. Hereare two parts : 2, Thc paucity of 'them that fhall be faved: f tw find the way thither. 2. The difficulty' of being faved Strait and narrow the way and ;ate unto life. Hence arife two Dod` i`ines. I, That the number of them that fhall be faved is very fmall, Luke 1 3.24.. the Devil hath his drove, and fwarms- to go to Hell, as fait as Bees to -their Hive; Chrift hath his Flock, and that is but a little flock, hence cods children 'are called ?ewels, Mal. 3. 17. whichcommonly are kept fecret, in réfp_ft of the other lumber in the houfe ; hence they are called Strangers and Pilgrims, which areve- ry few in refped of the inhabitants of th Country throughwhich they pats; hence they) are called Sons of God, I john 3. 2. Of the bloodRoyal, which are few in refpedofcóm- n.oìi fubje&s. But fee the truthzof this Point in there two things. Firat, look to all ages and times of the world. Secondly to all places and perfons in theworld , and we fhall fed few men were fave d. I. Look to all ages , and we (hall find but a handful faved. As loon as ever the Lord be- gan to keep houfe, and there were but two fa- milies irk it,t herewas a bloody Cain living,and a good Abel Hain. And as the world increafed in number fo inwickednefs, Gen.6.12. it is Paid A/l flefh had corrupted their wayes, Sand. aîr.ongft fo many thoufand men, not one righ- teous