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86 The Sincere Convert. IIId r ew are nrefently after the Apoftles time, maygrit- that with faved, and vow Wolves came and devoured the faeep and difficulty. fo in fucceeding ages, Revel. 12. 9. 411 t he earth wordred at the whore in skarlet. dew thin And in Lathers s time, when the light began be caved to arife-nain he fay fo many curial Gofpel- all places. lers, that he breaks out in one Sermon into Aas 19. thefe fpeeclies, God-grant I may never live to 28.26,10. fee 'thofe bloody dayPthat are coming uporz Luther: ungodly world. Latimer heard fo much pro- atimer. phanenefs in his time, that lie thought verily dooms day was itift at hand.And have not our ears heard cenfuring thofe in the Palatinate, where(as '(is reported) many have fallen from the glorious Gofpel toPopery,as faft as leaves fall in .AStsmn ? Who would have thought there had lurked fuch hearts under filch a Thew Of 'cletefting Popery, as was among them be- fore ? And at Chrifts coming, Aall he find faith on theearth ? 2. Let us look into all pl3ces and perfons, and fee 'how, few fl-tall be faved. The world is now fplit into four parts, Egrope1 41ia, fiica , and America and the three bigeft parts are drowned in a deluge of prophanenefs and fiiperflition ; they do not fo much as pro- fefs Chria ; you may fee the fentence ofdeath written on thefe mens foreheads, 7cr. i 0.tiit. But let us look upon the beft part of the world, and that is Etirope, how few fhall belayed there ?Tirft, the Grecian Church, howfoever now in thefe days, -their good Patriarch of Corftwoincp/e is about a general Reformati- cat Pour out thy fury upon the heathen that km* theenot, andupon the fami- thlt Can rot on among them,and hash done much goodiyeti up0n are .....****.asnamaavavozoaxxvommsea........01