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The Sincere Convert. teous but Noah,and his family ; and yet in the Fès`v ec Ark there crept in a curledChant. f`'ed,.an, Afterwards as Abrahams p oflerit } r increa- chat with di;I;eu'cy, fed, "fo we fee theft fin abounded. When his pofierity was inupt, where one would think, if ever men. were good, now it would appear, being fo heavily afllie ed by Pharaoh, being by fo many miracles rr raculoully deli- vered by the hand of Alo.jes,yet moil of there Godway wroth with, i-Ieb.3.12. and only two of them,C6leb and 7of7;r4a,went into Canaan, a type of Heaven. Look into Solomnns rime, what glorious ? what great proelilon was there then? Yet after his death ten Tribes. fell to the odious fin of Idolatry , following the commandof 7crobram their KCing. Look fur- ther into Ifatiah's time,when there were multi- tudes of Sacrifices and prayers, Ifai. r . i r. yet then there was but a recnart,nav,a very little dîai.I.° remnant, that íhould be' Lived., And look to the time of Chriftscoming in the Help, (for I pick out the belt time of all) when one would thinkby fuch Sermons he preached,fuch mira- cles he wrought, fucha life as heled 11 the ?ews would baveentertainedhim,yet it is Paid, He came lento his own , and they received him not. So few, that Chrift himfelf admires at one Joh, I,Is, good Nathaniel, Behold art Ifraelite in whom there is noguile, In the Apoftles time, many indeedwere converted, but few comparative- 1 z,and amongft the belt Churches many,bad : as that at Philippi, Philippians 3. i 8: Many Re.V.3-4. had a name to live, but were dead, and few only kept their garments unfpotted. And G 3 prefently