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The Sincere Convert'. i0; bow ; as hard as a (cone, to bleed for the leafti Ftiv zre pricks not to mourn for one£n, btu all fins favec, and and not for a fit, but all a mans life time : Oh that with ,dilhcuy. it'is hard for a man to Puffer himfeif to be denwith fin,and preft to death for fin,foas ne .The ver to love fin more, but to fpit in the face of itr-`it, gate' that which he once loved as dearly as his life. °F?;un,i:i. It is eafie to d rop a tear or two, and be Sermon i "pIl, Fick ; but tohave a heart rentfor fin,and from fin, this is true humilitation, and this is hard. 2. The (trait gate ofFaith, Eph. i . 12. It's an eafie matter to prefaune,buthard to bcleeve I zOldie in Chrifi. It is eafie for a man that was never itrait gate humbled,to beleeve & fay,'Tisbut leiit zing : 1 oí fai:L. but it is an hard matter_ for a man humbled when he fees all his fins in order before him, the Devil and confcience roaring upon him, and cryingout againft him,and God frowning , upon him, now to call GodFat her ,is an hard work. Yudas had rather be hang'd thenbe- leefe It is hard to fee a Chrifl as a rock to Rand upon, when we areover-whelmed with forrow of heart for fin. It is hard to prize Chrift above ten thoufand worlds ofpearl : 'tis hard to defire Chrift, and nothing but Chri f }. hard to follow Chrift all the day long, and never to be quiet till he is got in thine armes, and then with Simon to fay, Lordnow ltttefil thou thy fervant depart in peace. 3. The ftrait grate of Repentance. It is an 3, Of the eafie matter for a man to , confefs himfeif to be Orate 'gate a fìnner, and to cry toGod forgivenefs untill ofrepei- next time : but to have a bitterforrow,and fo entice. to turn from all fin,and to return to God,and H 3 all