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102 I The Sincere Converto rew are all the ways of God, which is true repentance favpd, and indeed ; this is lard. rim with difficulty. y 4.The flrait gate ofopprefons of Devils,the World,and a mans own Self,who knock a man 4,spaic down when he begins to look towards Chrih oppoficion and Heaven. v(e. Hence learn,' That every Balkway to Hea Of inffrtt- v_ lion. en is a falfe way, although Minifiers thould Preach it out of their Pulpits , and Angels Mould publifh it out ofHeaven. Nine fallfe Now there are nine eafe ways to Heaven,(as wayes to men think)all which lead to Hell. i+'v, ion i.The common Broadwav wherein a whole difeo% ered. Pari `h may all go a breadth in it ;tell thefe peo- b: ad,vay ple they (hall bedamned ;. their anfwer is,then wr; _o manymore befides me 7 The 2. The way of Civil Educatios, whereby way of ci- many wilde naturesare by little and little tarn- vul 4duc0.- ed, and like wovles are chained up eafily while Eton: they are young,. T 3. Balaams way ofgoodwijles, whereby wayof many peopi ="'rill confefs their ignorance, for good getfulnefs, and that they cannot make ,fuck with S. fhevrs as others d:5, but they thank God,rheir hearts are as good , nd God for hispart ac- cepts ( fay they ) thewill for thedeed.. Arrd, My, fon give me thyheart ; the heart is all in all, and fo long they hope todo well enough. Poor deluded creatures chink to break through armies of fins, Devils, temptations, and to break open the very gates of Heaven with a few good wifhes; they think to come to their 5oirnies end without legs, becaufe their hearts are good to God. q.:ihe