Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

The Sincere Convert. i 05 always thunder, they will always pray : Fcware fa- flrike them now and then with ficknefs, God ved,'nd (hall be paid with good words .and promifes d'14a"::,111; enough, that they will be better if they live but as long as peace lafis,they.will run to Hell as fall as they can ;. and if God will not catch them,they care not,they will not return. Seventhly, The way of carelefnefs, when 7.rheway men feeling many difficuties pafs thrOuch °fca"kf- fome of them, but not all, and what they 'ncrs' cannot get now , they feed themfelves with a falle hope they thall hereafter they are content to be called Precifiins , and fools, And crazie brains, but they want broken- neffe of heart , and they will pray ( it may be ) for it' , and pals by that difficutly ; but to keep the wound always opén, this they will not do ; to be always fighing for help and never to give themfelves refi till their hearts are humbled ; that they will not ; Thefe have a name to live ," yct Are dead. Eighthly, The way of moderation or 8The way pica difcretion, Revel. 3. 16. which indeed °;fmcdera- is nothing but luke7warrnnels of the foul , and that is , when a man contrives and cuts out fucha way to Heaven , as he may be hated ofnone; but pleafe all, and fo do any thing for a quiet life, and fo fleep ina whole skin. The Lord faith He that roil/ livegodly, mufffofferperfecution: No, not fo, Lord. Surely ( think they ) ifmenwere difcreet and wife, it would prevent a great deal of trouble and oppofition in good cour- 1