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164 Few are fa - fuck the breait while it is open ; and when the ved,and that with word is done, to go afide privately, and there difficulty. to chew upon the Word there to lament with tears all the vain thoughts in duties, deadnefs in hearing, this. is hard , becaufe this is the power of godlinefs and this Bookpray- men will not take up : fo for private prayer, er nor the what an eafie matter is it bra man to fay ()- power of ver a few prayers out offome devout bock, or g°411"f" to repeat fome old prayer got by he?.rt fince a child, or to have two or three fhort-winded wifhes for Gods mercy in the morning and at night ? this form is eafie But now to pre- pare the heart by ferious meditation ofGod and mans fell before he prays, then to come to God with a bleeding huner-ftarv'd heart, not only with a defire,but with a Warrant,imull have fuch or fuch a mercv,and there to wrefile with God, although it be an hour or two to- gether for a bleffing,this is too hard-,men think none do thus, and therefore ti ey will not. 5. The way Fifthly, The way ofprefumptio;y, 'whereby of prefurn- ption. men having feen their fins, catch hold eally upon Gods mercy,and fnatch comforts,before they are reachedout unto them. There is no word of comfort in the book of God intended for fuch as regard iniquity in their hearts, though they donot aft it in their-lives. Their only comfort is, that the fen tence ofdamnati- on is not yet executed upon them. e.rhe way Sixthly, The way of (loth, whereby men 'of floth. and fay God muft do all ; Ifthe Lord would fet up a Pulpit at the Ale-houfe door, it-may be they would hear oftner. ifGodwill . J always The Sincere Convert. ! ,