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The Sincere Convert, 109 drive the to defpair. Thus they know not Mtlns pet P di;ion is of the r mifery, and not kowing ( they are loft hirfdf, and condemned creatures under the everlaft- y1 ing ,wrath of God) they never feck pray, firtz'e, or follow the ,mcanes whereby they wrym;r,r may comeout'ofit, and fo perifh in it, and ne- arc fo fC= ver know it till they awake with the flames of cure they Hell about their ears. They will acknòwledg are enfinitòE indeed, many of them, that all men are born ! their lira, in a molt miferable eflate, but they never ap- Ítil cF,ey plyparticularly that generali truth to them- ! feel the felves, faying, I trn the man, I am now un- ! flan es óE der Gods wrath, and may be fnatcht away fill about by death every hour,and then I am undone and their ears. loft for ever. . -Now there are two fortsof people that are ignorant of this their mifery. Firrrt, the common fort of prophane block- i; Pro- ifh, ignorant people. phone. Secondly; the finer fort of unfound hollow 2,, foutst profeffors,' that have a Peacocks pride, that think themfelves fair,and in a very good elate, though they have but one feather. on ,their creft to boaft of. I will begin with the f rft fort, and fiit<w The firit you the reafons why they are ignorant of fort. their mifet'y that is, for thefe four rea fons. Firff, fometimes becaufe they want the fa=' wing means of knowledge. There's no faithful Miniffer, no compaflionate Lot to tell them of fire and brimfione from Heaven for their Rea on 1. crying fins ; there's no .Noah to forewarn them of a flood ; 'there's no Meffenger to hYir °