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..... r-;;a.. yvv-wr"e. 'Io Mans per- dition is of himfelf. Harty men want the 1avin means of knowledg. Many pe- riíh for want of Ìfaithful Ministers. 1RcaThn. z. tWicked men never confider their milè- r îes. The' Sincere Convert. bring them tidings of thofe Armies of Gods devouring plagues and wrath that 'are ap- proaching near unto them ; they have no Pi- lot, poor forfaken creatures, to thew them their rock ; they have either no Minifter at all to teach them, either becaufe theParith is too poor:,' or the Church-Living too great- to maintain a faithtull man, (the ftrongefl Affes carrying the greateft burdens commonly. ) Ohwofull Phyfitians l fometimes they bepro - phane,& cannot heal themfelves ;and fomtimes they be ignorant & know not what to preach, unleffe they fhould follow the Reps ofMr.La- timers Frier ; or at the beR, they ílhoot off a few potguns againfl grotte fins ; or if they do thewmen their mifery , they lick them whole againe, with fome comfortable ill-applied fentences, ( but I hope better things of you my brethren,) the mans Patron may haply ftorm elfe. Or elfe they fay commonly, thou hall finned, comfort my fell, but difpair--not, Chrifl bath fuffered ; and thus skin over the wound, and let it within for want ofcut- Ling it deeper.: I fay therefore, becaufe they want a faithful! watch-man to cry fire, fire, in that fleepy elate of fin and darktlefs where- in they lie ; therefore ,whole Towns Parith- es, generations ot°men are burnt up,and perm miferably, Lam. 2. 14. Secondly, becaufe they have no leafure to confider of :heir mifery, when thee have the means of revealing it unto thcm,as Felix,Ac`ts 24.25. Many a man hath .many a bitter pill given him at a Sermon, but he hath no leafure to