Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

The vincere Convert. thy oldprIers,thy old bonefty,or formofpiety are counterfeit wares, that cannot endure fearching : becaufe thou wilt not be driven from thisconceit, lam in agoodejlate,I have been fo long of this good mind, and tivrefore will not begin to doubt now. It's to be feared, that fuch kind ofpeople, as I have much ob- ferved, are either notorioufly ignorant, or have fome time or other falen into fome hor- rible fecret, grievous fins, as whoredom, op- preffion, or the like, the guilt ofwhich lying yet fecretly on therm, makes them flue from the light of Gods truth, which Ihould find them out, quarrelling both againft it and the Mini- fters that preach it, Rom.2.8.' And therefore as it is with theeves when they have any faen goods brought within doors, they will not be fearched or fufpe&ed, but fay, they are as honey men as themfelves that come to fearcb. for they fear ifthey be found out, that they Mall be troubled before the Judge, end may hardly efcape with their lives : fo many old profeffors, when the Minifter comes to fearch them, they, clap to the doors upon the man and truth too, and fay, They hope to be faved ai well as ,the heft of them all ; the reafon is, they are guilty, they are loth to betroubled and caft ,down by feeing the worft ofthem- felves, and think it's hard for them to go to Heaven and be faved, if they have been in a wrong way all their lifetime. An honell heart will cr after the heft means Lord eArch me T0'1.3.20. ando2enalit edoors to the enter- mer!t of the truthi j. 3 Third- T I 7 Mans rer:. dition is of Obfl inate men con- ceits them.: relves in a good e.. itate, -t -