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i 6__ Mans per- dition is o t hiarifelf. k/'VNJ When men grow aged. with good opinion of themtelves, they are hard to be reduced. The oiracere Convert. again : and hence you thall have many fay ofa faithful Minìder, that doth convince and condemn them and their of}ate to be moft wo- ful ; What thali fuch an upftartteach me ? Loth he think to make me dayce after his pipe, and to think that all my good prayers, my faith, my charity, have been fo loam a- bominable and vile before God ? No filver can bribe a man to cafe away his old traditonal o i inions and conceits wher -b he cheats him- fe f, till Chrifts blood do it, i Pet. r . i 8 . And hence the woman of Samaria objected this againft Jefus Chrifl,that their old Father wor- !hipped in that Mouiatain and therefore it was as good a place as 7erufalern, the place of Gods true worfhip ?ohn 4.20. Men grow croked and aged with good opinions of them fel ves, and can feldom or neverbe fet ftraight again. Hence fuch kind ofpeople , though they would fain be taken for honeft religious Chriflians, yet will never fufpe t their ePates to be bad themfelves , neither can they en- dure that any other íhould fearch or fufped them to beyet rotten at the heart and are not thofe wares and romodities much to be fupeeied, nay concluded to be ílark naught, which the feller will needs put upon the Chap- man without Peeing or looking on them firít ? It's a firong argument we, produce againf} the Papifts Religion tobe fufpededro be bad, be- caufe they obtrude the opinions on their fol- lowers to be beleeved cai.hout any hefitation or difpute about them, before or after they have embraced them : certainly thy ol.dfaith, thy ,F,