Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

. ti Miftical Divinity, written above two hundred and fiftyyears line in High Datch,and for its worth Tranfheed into feveral Languages. Johnfins Arithmetick in twoBooks,vit. OfVulgar apdDecional,be ing the bat of that nature extant, printed fix times. Tables of Intereft, Rebate,Accounts ready oft up, of the valutitin of Annuites, Leafes, Wines and liteverl' ions calculated at fix per cent ' : Holy Raptures or Meditations of the love of Chaff ; Of Chrift Mif tical ; UnionwithChrift and the Charafter of aChriftian; By Jof.fiall B. ofNorwich. fhe Schooll of Patience, in three Book% written in Latinby FI Drexelius jefuie,andEngliged by D.L. The Tryal o f ..the Truth,of Prayerotawhich is added a Confolatory Letter to A upon the lo fs 'of Children or F riends. f he. Extraist ion of Maus foul ; proving the produ&ion of mans foul o be by propogation, and not by Creation; alfo clearing the poixit ,riginal fin ; and the purity of Chriffs incarnation. The Riches of G race,by Mr .Willians Fenncr. The life and troubles of QueenElipbeth, from her Cradle en her ,rown,laying open the eminent paffages of State in the Reign of H. E.and&Mary. The Reconciliation of God to man, and man toGod ; By 'H. Donne Flora Succeffivoz, or, Spare Hours of Meditations , upon our 'duty to God, to Others, and to our Selves, by lof h.; D. of Books writtenby Thoma Shepherd.. Viz,. The Sincere Convert. The Sound Beleever. A Treatife upon the Sabbath. Subjeftion toChriff.