Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

SeiTeral. Books Printed for and fold by -obi Swecting ,' at the Sign of the .gin;el in Popes-Head .Alley. 7.`fie '(um and fubitance cf Chrfilian Religion, wherein is ju; oufi), debated and refolved all points of moment inDivinity, byl Z. tr /uinws. avertifenaents from parnaffuc, wherein the great Affairs and fa- mo s Controverfàes in the world t:re inger ioufly debated, and judici- moufÌy cenfured :, the Earl of M.onmcurh. talitick Difcourfes ofthe Government of Rome, Carthage, Venice; Of the Afff3irs of the Roams, Cartbarginians, Grecians, Athcrriatrs, Spgrtars, Theban:; Venitianf, Goths, Florentines and French; End liilmi by the Earl of Monmouth. A Relation of the State ofthe Turkifh Empire i Their Laws, Go vernment, 141í1i ary Fórce and Commerce; Of Con(#antinople, the graid Signiors seraglio. Of grace, and the Religions and Cuf'toms, of tfie Grecians. Of Egypt. A Voyage on the River Rlilws : Of the Holly Land, Italy, Rome; Naples, Venice, and Grand Cayro : Of Cy- , Cody, M41za, ,Seicilia; Writtenby GeorgeSandys. The floret Miracles of Nature, in tour Book's; Treating of Ge, neraJion; the Soul: of Plants and living Creatures: of Difeafes, their Symptoms and Cures : Alfo Rules how a man fhai' become ex- cellent,. and lead his life with heal:h of body and mind Written in, by Lsevínws Lemniws, and new turned into Es,gtith. Letters to leveral Perfons of Honour; By I. "Donne, fometimes Dean ofSc. Paul:, London. E`trpbes Golden Legacy bequeathed to fhhi %antes. A Hiltorical Narrativeof the moft material paffages of State and Aff.its in the Reign of King lames; E uraeted from the Originals. Four newPlayes, via. The love Fick King : Fortune by Landand Sea i The poor mans Comfore: The Twins. The perfe Lion of luftification againft the Pharifee; The purity of Samit ification again the stains of it ; The unqueffionablenefs of Glorification, agairaf the Saddttce in fcveral Sermons, by Bohn Syrnp Jon, are of .,ill- bolews, London. A Trearife for declining of Verbs, ufeful to attain the French Tongue. t' Tv1yftical,l