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The Sincere Convert. behold the Majefty of God in the lives of his people; many a man being too light, yet de- firous to go and pats for currant, wieght him- felfwith the befit people, and thinks,what have they that I have not ? what do they that I do not? And if he fee theygo beyond him, then he turns his own balance with his finger, and makes them too light, that fo he himfel fmay pals for weight. And this vilefying of themand their grace, judging them to be of no other mettal then othermen, appears in three particulars. Fill}, they raife up falfe reports ofGods people, and nourifh a kennel ofevil fufpicions of them : if theyknow anyuncommitted by them, they will conclude, They Beallfuch if they fee no of eniive fin inany of them, they are then reputed a packo.fHypocrites : ifthey are not fo uncharitable ( having noground's ) they prophetic they will hereafter be as bad as others, though they carry a fair flourifh now. Secondly, ifthey judge well ofthem, then they compare themfelvesto them, by taking a fcantling only by their outfide, and by what they fee in them ; and fo like children, fee- ing stars a great way off, think them no bigger nor brighter then winkingCandies. They fiand a far off from feeing the infide ofa child of God, they fee not theglory ofGod filling that Temple, they feenot theTweet infl ucence they receive from Heaven , and that fellowfhip they have with their God; & hence.they judge but meanly of them, becaufe the outfideofa Chriflian I2I Mans per dition Is of himfelt. t."-`y-li Wicked men vilifle Gods pee- ple, a.By rai- fng falfe reports op- en Gods people. r I . Bycom- paring Gods peo- ple with then3felves