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122 Mans per- akin is iChriftian is the worft part ofhim,and his glory of himalf. fhines chieflywithin. Thirdly, if they fee Gods people doexcel 3. Melt them that they have better lives, better hearts chink chernfeiv and better knowledge, yet they will not con- s elude that they have nograce, becaufe it bath tfau'gh not that itamp that honeft mcns money hath: fo a Fa_ But this prank they play, they think fuch and fe f nor. uc h good men have a greater meafure, and a they. higher degree of grace then themfelve,-,., yet dare be bold to think an# fay Their hearts are as upright, though they be not fo per/ell as others are : and fo vilifie the grace that fhines in the bell men, by making this gold to differ from their own copper , not effentially, but gradually, and hence they deceive them felves miferably ; not but that one (gar or) fincere Chrifliari differ from another in glory. I fpeak of thofe men onely, that never were fixt in fo high a Sphere as true honefty dwels, yet father this bad conclufion, that they are up- right for their meafure, that they have not the like meafure of grace received as others have. Sixthly,theunderflandings Idolatu;where- by the mind fets up, and bows down to a falfe image ofgrace ; that is, the mind being igno- rant ofthe height and excellencyof true grace takes' a falfe fcantling of , and fo imagines and fancies within himfelf, fuch a meafure ofcom- mon grace to be true grace which the foul ealily having attained unto, conceives it is in the flate of grace, and fodeceives it fell mi fe- rably, The Sincere Convert. 6.Izio1atry Mans fan- cy Mal- t-non grac4 to be true grace.