Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

I 2 4 The Sincere Convert. Mansper_ I he feels himfelf ignorant of that which trou- c imfeisof bles him . h fo muchknowledge will I then get, f faith he. Iffome foul fins in his practice trou ble him,thefe he will caft away,and fo reforms: If omiffon of good duties moleft him , he will hear better, and buy fame good Prayer- book,and pray oftner. Andifhebe perfwaded fuck a man is a very honeft man, then, hewill firive to do as he loth ; and now he is quieted. When he lath attained unto this pitch of his own, now he thinks himfelf a youngbe- ginner, and a good one too; fo that if he dieth, he thinketh he fhall do well, if he livéth, he thinks and hopes he fhall grow better; and when he is come to his own pitch, he here fets down his i.taffe as fully fatisfied. And now if he be preft to get into the eftateof grace, his anfwer is, That is not to be done now,he thank God, that care is pad. The truth is ( beloved) 'cis too high for him; his own legs could ne- ver -carry him thither, all his race comingby his own workin not b Gods A.Tmi ht power. Let a man ave a e weig ts, e is cheated grievoufly with light gold ; why ? becaufe his weights are too light : fo thefe men have too light weights to judge of the weight of true grace; therefore light : clipt, crack pieces cheat them. Hence you fhall have thofe men commend pithleffe , fapleffe men for very honeft men as ever break bread why ? they are jult anfwerable to their weights. Hence I have not much wondered at