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The Sincere Convert. I 2 3 rably, Rom. i 0. 3 . And the mind comes to Mans per fet up her Image thus. dition is Firfl, the mind is. haunted and purfued tvixh ofh troublefom fears of Hell, Confcience tells him he bath finned, and the Law tele him he íhall die. and Death appears and tels him he m,ufl fhortly meet with him ; and if he be taken a- way in ,his fins, then comes a black day of reckoning for all his privy pranks, a day of bloud, horrour, judgement and fire where no creature can comfort him. Hence faith he, Lord, keep my foul from thefe rniferies ; he opeth it (hail not prove fo evill with him, but fears it will. Secondly, hereupon he defireth peace and 2. cafe, and fame afi'urance of freedom from thefe evils. For it is an hell above ground ever to be on the rack of tormenting fears. Thirdly, that he may have eafe, he will not 3 . (wagger his trouble away, nor drown it in the bottom of the cup, nor throw it away with his Dice, or play it away at Cards, but de- fires force grace, (and commonly it's the lets meafure of it too :) Hereupon he defires to hear fuch Sermons, and read fuch books as may belt fatisfie him concerning the leafl meafure of grace : for, fin onely troubling him, grace onely can comfort him'foundly: And fo,Grace which is meat and drink to an holy heart s but phy ick to this kind of men to eafe them of their fears a_ nd troubles. Hereupon being ignorant of the heighth of , truegrace, he fancieth to himfelf fuch a mea- fare ofcommongrace to be true grace. As if he