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2.6 The Sincere Convert. per- dition is of I fatiable worfhipper of the Lord Almighty. Mans him (self. 7, Error a Seventhly, the underftandings Error is a- nother caufe of mans ruine. And that is feen principally in thefe five things,thefe five errors cau fe of or falle conceits. mans ruin. in judging fome trouble of mind fome Sin is like light forrow for fin to be true repentance ; fweet p°13- and fo thinking they do repent,hope they Thal Con, plea- be faved. For fin is like fweet poyfon , fant in the drinking, while a man is drinking it down by commit- but bitter ting it, there is much pleafure in it ; -but after in the wor- the committing ofit, there is a fling in it,Prov. k 23. 31, 32. then the time cometh When this poyfon works, making the heart fwell with grief; forry they are at the heart,they fay, for it ; and the eyes drop, and theman that com- mitted fin with great delight , nowcries out with grief in the bitternefs ofhis foul, 0 that 1, beaft that Jam, had never committed it I Lord, mercymercy ! Prov.5.3,4,1102.Nay it may be they will humble & affii6t their fouls voluntarily for fin, and now they think they have repented, Ifa. 58. 3. and hereupon when they hear, that all that fin fhalltlie, they grant this is true indeed, except a man repent, and fo they think they have done already. This is true; At what time foever a finner repents, the Lord will blot out his iniquity : But th4 repentance is not when a man is troubled fome what in mind for fin, but when he cometh to' mourn o fin as his reateft evil , di if he ould ee all his`goods and eflate on a light fire before him ; And that not for fome fins but all fins, little and great ; and that not for a