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iaw..,..011:..l.rain..._Y:....,_ .. ,--_--. ;= ;-x:;.._ The`Sincere Convert. I 27 a time ; for a fit and away, (a land-floodOf deai n ° Peoforrow but alwaies like a fpring never dry, hLnelf. but ever running all a mans life-tine. Secondly, in ud_in_ the ílrivin of confci- ence againft fin, to be the ft riving of the `e aainf,the fpirit; and hence come thefe fpeech- es from carnal black mouthes Thefpirit is willing, but the flefh it weak; And hence men think, they being thus compounded of flefh and fpirit, are regenerate, and in no worfe e- dlate than the children of God themfelves. As fometime I once fpake with a man, that did verily think that Pilatewas an honefl man, be- caufe he was fo unwilling to crucifie Chrifl; which unwillingnefie did arife onely from the rellraint of confcience agàinft the faa. So, many men judge i1oneftly, yet limply upon fuch a ground of themfelves : they fay they firive againfl their fins, but Lore be merci- full unto them they fay the flejh is frail. and hence Arminius gives a divers interpreta- Rrnni,ius tion of the feventh Chapter to the Romani, from ordinary Divines ; concerning which Paul fpeakes in the Perfon of an unregenerate man , becaufe he obferved divers gracelefe perfons ( as he faith himfelf) having fallen, and falling commonly into fins againfl confci- ence, to bring that Chapter in their ownde- fence and comfort,becaufe they did that which they allowed not, ver. 15. and fo it was not they, bu t f n that dwelled in them. And fo, many among us know they thould be better, and f}rive that they maygrow bet- ter, but through the power of fin cannot ; con-