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The sincere Convert. cannot but fpeakjdelj, and think. vainly, and Mans fer do ill, as all do fometirnes ; I tell' you, thofe fins d itfon és of hirn l than be everlafling chains to hold you fail in ,.,f. thepower ofthe Devil,.until the judgement of the great day. And thus much of the underllandings cor- ruption, whereby men are commonly deluded; followeth the fecond. Secordly , in regard of the falfe baflard peace begot in the co,nfètence. Why Ihould the Camp tremble when Scouts are afleep, or give falfe report, when the enemies are near them ? Moil men think they arein a fafe efiate, becaufe they were never in a troubled eflate; or if they have been troubled becaufe they HOW fa,fe have got fomc peace and comfort after it. Now brcdin the this falfe peace is begot in the heart by thefe foul, four means. I. By Satan. 2. Byfall Teachers. 3. By a fall Spirit. 4, By a fall application. of truePronifes.- I. By Satan, whofe Kingdom final' fall if it mouldbe divided,and be always in acombu.i I. on ; hence he laboureth for peace, Lnke II. By Satan. Z4. When the firong man 1Zeepeth the Pallace, his goods are in peace that is when Satanarm- en with abundance of Ihifts and carnal reafon- ings, poffeffeth mens fouls they are at peace. Now look as Mailers give their fervantspeace, even fo the Devil. 1. By removing all things that may trouble them : And, 2. By giving unto them all things that may quiet and comfort them ., as meat drink, refl, K "3 lodg-