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g'34 Rlims per aition is of himfelf. .4! I! The Sincere Convert. lodgìng,&c. fo dothSatan deal with his ffaves and fervants. Firf1 by removing thofe fins which trouble theconfcience, for a man may live in a fin and yet never be troubledfor that fin;for fin againfi the light ofconfcience, only troubles thecon- fcience:as children that are tumbling and play- ing in theduff they are not troubled with all the dull, nay they take pleafure to wallow in it ; but only with that ( whether it befmall' or great) that lights in their eyes. And hence ;that young man came boailing to Chrift, that he had kept all the Commandments from his youth ; but lyent away forrowful, becaufe that duft,that f n he lived in with delight befóre,fell intohis eyes,ànd thereforewas troubled. Now mark the plot of'the Devil,when he can make a 'man live,&wallow,& delight in his ns,and to i' ferve him; and yet will not Puffer him to live in any fin againil confcience, whereby he fhould be troubled,and fo leek to come our of this wo-. full eaate,he isPure this man is his own ,and now a poor de'uded man himfelf goes up & dawn not doubting but he that be laved ; why ? be- caufe their confcience (they thank God)is clear and they know ofno fin they live in,they know nothing by themfelves that may make them fo much as fu fped their efiate is bad. A1ai.9. r 3 . Icame not to call the' righteous but fnars to repentance,that is, finch an one as in hisown o- pinion is fifh-whole, every fin being a child of Gods ficknefs,he is never without forme kind of forrow,bnt force fins onlybeing a natural mans ficknefs,they being removed,he recoversour of his