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The Sincere Convert. III. Afalféfpirit. This is a third caureri a begets a faife peace. As there is a true Spirit that witnefreth to our Jpirits that zve are the Sons of God, Rom. 8. i 6. So there is a filfe fpirit,juft likethe true one,witnefling that they are the SOns of God, i 7ohn 4.1. We are bid falfe :ptrt to try thefpirits : Now if there fpirits were ^,ce,p not. like Gods true Spirit, what need try- l ? when tact As, `what need one try whether dirt be gold: is '.,ar which are fo unlikeeach other ? And this fpiri I take to be let down, Mat. i4. z 3. Now look a.s i he trueSpirit wirneffeth, fo the falle fpiric being like it, witneffeth allot `pirft, the Spirit of God humbles thefoul , i.Compa fo before men have the witness of thefall e ri o}, he,= tw <eri-true fpirit, they are m ghrilycaftdownand deject taifz ed in fpirit, and hereupon they pray for café, fpirits. and purpofe to lead new lives, and cart away the weapons,and fubmit, Pfal.66.3. Secondly,' the fpirit of God in theGofpel reveals Jefus Chrifi and his willirgne.s to! The Sptrit fave fo the falfe grit difcovereth Chrirts of G "d r reveals excellency, and willingnefs to receive him, if Chria he will but come in. It fareth with this foul, as' to. with Surveyors of lands, that take anexalt fave. compafs of other mens grounds, ofwhich they {hall never enjoy, a foot. So did Balaarrr,Nurn. 24.5 ,6.this falfe fpirit fheweth them the glory of Heaven and Gods people. Thirdly, hereupon the foul cometh to be af- feced,and to ìtafte the goodnefs and fweetnefs ofJefus Chrift, as tholedid, He6.6. and the foul breaksout into a pa.fíionate admiration Oh ! that ever there fhould be any hope for fuck a39 Mais per- dition is of himself III. There is a