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iE 3 8 di ritans, per. arinea, in publique, and their large charity a,, ican is of h+mftihf. in private, dawbing up every one, (efpecially 4, -yam he that is agood friendunto them) for honeft and religious people ; apd if theybe but a lit- tle troubled, applyingcomfort prefently; and fo healing them that ftio'uld be wounded, and not telling them roundlyof their Herodias as yohn Baptift did Herod. Hereupon they judge * themfelves hone{r, becaufe the Minif}er will give them the beggerly paf -;port ; and fo they go out of the world, and die like lambs, wo- fully cheated, Mat. 2.4. i Y . Look abroad in, the world, and fee what is the reafon fo many feed their hearts with confidence they thall be Paved, yet their lives condemn thetn,and their the :,rts acquit them : The reafon is fueh and Ifuch a Minder will go to the Ale-hole, and te never prays in his,family, and he is none of tl5efe precife hot people, and yet as honeft a man as ever lives,and a good Divine too. Ah- ab was miferably cheated by four hundred falfe Prophets. Whilelt the Minifter is of a look life himfelf, he will wink at others and their faults, left in reproving others he íhould con- demn hmfelf, and others fhould fay unto him, P°hyfrrian heal thy fflf. Theeves of the fame company will not (teal from one another, hít l they trouble thereby themfelves. ' And hence they give others falfe Cards' to fail by, calf,: Rules to five by : their uncorfeionable large', charity is like a gulf that twallowerh flips, (fouls I mean) tolled with tempeas and not comforted, Iff.S4.7,S.And hence,all,being fifh that corn eth to their net, all. men think fo of themlelves. I i I. A The Sincere Convert. --