Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

The Intl odtainn. at firft in Atdani in a molt glorious eftate. Thirdly, that all Mankind is now fallen from . that cane, into a bottomlcfs gulfof fin and Os mifery. Fourthly, that the Lord Jefus Chriit is the onely means of Redemptionof this efiate. Fifthly , that thofe that are faved out of this woful eftate by Chrif are very few, and that thefe few are faved with much difficul- ty. Sixthly, that the greateft carafe why foma- ny die and perifh in this etiate , is from them Ì felees : either, r. By reafon of their bloody ignorance, they knownot the.r mifery : or, 2. By reafonof their carnal fecurity, they feel not, they groan not under their fin and mifery. 3. By reafon oftheir carnal confidence, th feek to help themfelves out of their mi- fery by their own when they fee or feel it : or, 4. By reafon of theirfalfeFaith, where they catch hold upon, and truit un the merits of Chrift too foon , whè they fee and feel they cannot help them felves E T H.