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The Contents. Rules how to get the Image of God renewed in as. 26 e third Principle,That all mankind is fallen frcgn that glorious eftate in which he was created,into a miferable condition : Mans rnifery it regard of Adamsfin.. ..7 -hofe fearfulfins that are pack!: up in Adamsfn. i..Apo- f e, 2.Rebellion.3 Vnbelief.4. Blafphrtny.5. Pride. .Contempt of God. 7 .Vnthankfulnefs.8.Theft.9.Ido -1 latry. 30. All natural men are dead in (in. 31 he beft aElions of natural men are f nful. atural men compared to dead men in tenparticulars.3 2 `aural men are born frill o ff n. 34 rids of the heart rorfe then the fins ofthe life. s7 he at7ìons of natteraimen are fanful in 6 particulars. 3 9 Licked men want a Principleof love to God andChri jl .ib. Joethergoodduties ought to he performed bynatural men freeing their beft aElions arefnful. 4I 'Vans prefent mifery in-regard of theconfequences offin, in feven particulars. 43 ans flavery under Satanfhewed. in 7 particulars. 45' farts future mifery by fin : firft 1n dcath.r.4.8. Secondly, fter death.p.49.Thirdly,in his particular judgment in 5 feveral particulars,5 t.The general day ofjudge- 'ment provrd,& the manner of it in every particular at, `large.The coming of Chrift,theTrt mp fhall blow. 56 the dead arife,the yudge,p. 57.The Accufation. , (hifentence.p.59. Gods wrath and ahfence. 60 21; guilty confcience a never dying worme, to lodge in '.;,Hell. 6x: e mifery of natural men after the day o f judgrm:nt, in ixparticulars. 64 e4. Principle,ehrift. the oncly Redeemer of man out of athat miferable eftate in which he is by nature. 67 'air Chrift Redeemeth man by price /hewed in 4particst- lars ; Secondl,y,by altronghand. ibid. A °"c.' re