Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

7 he Sincere Convert., 1 55 Mans the Crow thinks her own bird fairefl) as whip- (lit ion is of ping themfelves, pilgrimage, fall, mumbling o- hiracif. ver their Paternofters,bowing dewn toImages andCroffes. 2. Now thefe being banned from the p4en nand Church and Kingdome, then men hand upon upon their their titular profellion of the true Religion, titufarPro- although they be Devils incarnate in their fiffion of lives. Look up and down the Kingdom ; you Religi- on. (hail fee fome roaring, drinking, dicing,card. ing, whoring, in Taverns and blinde Ale- houfes ; .0! hers belching out their oaths, their mouths ever calling out like raging fear,filthy frothy fpeeches ; others, like ifmae/4coffing at the bell men : yet thefe are confident they than be laved. Why ( fay they ) they are no Papills, hang them, they will die for their Re- ligion, and rather burn then turnagain, by the grace of God. Thus the Jews boalted,they were Abrahams feed fo our carnal people I 1. boaft : Am not Ia good Proteftant ? am not I baptized ? do I not live in the Church? and Mens con. therefore refting here hope to be faved. I dernnarlon remember a Judge, when one pleaded once will be with him for his life, that he might not be greater for hanged becaufe he was a Gentlemen ; he told him that therefore he fhould have the Gal- ibi nc geddi ye where the lows made highter for him : fo when thou Gofpelis pleadeiI , I am a Chriftian and a good Pro- preached. teltant, ( yet thouwilt drink, and fwear, and whore, negleft prayer, and break,. Gods Sab- bath) and therefore thou hope} to be faved ; I tell thee, thy condemnation than be greater, and the plagues in Hell the heavier, . if