Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

154 , The SincereConvert, Mans per- of it the unfupportablenefsofit, how that Edition of dying in thy fins, and fecure date, it'hall hVCelf-) fall ; for when men cryPeace, Peace, then comethfudden diftruaionat unawares : pray z Thef S. therefore to God to reveal this to thee, that 3, 4. thine heart may breakunder it. Secondly, con- fider the Lords mercy and readinefs to fave 2.Car,5, thee, whobath prepared mercy, and intreats 19 thee to take it, and waitethaeveryday for thee The ,chird to that end. generaIrea- The third Reafon of man mine , is, that fon of carnal confidence, whereby menfeel,toPave mans ruin. 'themfelves, and to fcramble out of their mi- ferable eftate by their own duties andperform- ances,when they do feel themfelves miferable: the Soul Both as thofe, Hof. 5. i 3 . men when they be wounded and troubled, they never look after .7efus Chrift, but go to their own waters to heal themfelves ; likehunted Harts when the Arrow is in them , Rom. 9. 3 z . 3? Wherein For the openingof this point, I (hall fhew men rat}- you thefe two things, ing in z. Wherein this railing in Ditties appears. Duties ap- 2. Why do men rent in themfelves. pears. Firf}, this refling in Duties appears in thefe eleven degrees. z . The foul ofa poor firmer, if ignorantly bred and brought up refs confidently in fu- perf}itious vanites. Ask a devout Papift how he hopes to be Paved; he willanfwer, By his good works. But enquire further, what are thee good works ? why, forthe molt part fu- perftitious ones oftheir own inventions,( for the