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..11=1111 - The Sincere Convert. 1 5 7 Mans per- and then would fay at his departure, Now dition is of Devil,do thy worfi- ; and fo ufed his prayers (as blintelf. many do ) only as charms and fpels againft the poor weak cowardly Devil that they think dares not hurt them,fo long as they have good hearts within them, and good prayers ì.n their Chambers ; and hence they will go near rail againft the Preacher as an harfb /Aafler, ifhe do not comfort them with this,That God accept i. of their good defires. 4. If their gòod hearts cannot quiet them, rfno 'but confcience tkIls them they are unlotind forreame without, and rotten at core within, then men from tdr fall upon reformation. they will leave their gocd in- whoring, drinking,' cozening, gaming, corn- fides they parry keeping, fwearing, and filch like roaring come grofs fins ; an now all the Country faith, he is be- fins, come a new nian,and he himfelf thinks he (hall be Paved 2 Pet. 2. zo,--Chey efcap, the pol- futiOns of world, as. fwine that are efcaped and walked from outward filth,yet the fwinifb nature remains fill!; like Mariners that are forne dangerous place, ignorantly, it they meet with forms, they go not backward, but call out their goods that endanger their Ship; and fo go forward fill : fo, many a man going towards Hell, is forced to call out his lulls and fins, but he goethon in the fame way fill for all that. The wild& beafis ( as Stags ) ifthey be kept waking from fleep long, will grow tame : fo confcience giving a man no ref for fortie fin$ be liveth in, he groweth tame ; he that was a wild Gentleman Wore, remains the fame man fill, only he is made tame