Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

I 5 8 The Sincere Convert . Mans per- tame now,tha t is,civil and finooth in'his whole dition is of courfe , and hence they refs in reformtion : himfell f. which reformation is, commonly, but from fome troublefomé fin, and it is becaufe they think it's better following their trade of fin at another market ; and hence fome men wil, leave their drinking and whoring, and turn covetous , becaufe there is moregain at that market ; fome times it is becaufe fin hath left 5. them, as an old man. If no corn- 5. Ifthey can'have no refi here, they get in- fort in re- to another fiat:Ling hole , they go to their forming Humliation, Repenting, Tears, Sorrow, and grofs fins, they the Confeffons. They hear a man cannot be faved to humili- by reforming his life, unlefs hecome to afflict atien, re- his foul too he muff forrow and weep here, entanee' or el fe cry out in hell hereafter. Hereupon 04c. they betake themfelves to their forrows,tears, confeffion of fins ; and now the wind is down, and the tempeft is over, and they make them- [elves fafe. Mat. I I. T. They would have re- pented, that is, the Heathen, as Beta fpeaks, when any wrath was kindled from Heaven, they would go to their fackclorh and forrow, and fo thought to pacifie Godsanger again, and here they relied fo it is with many a man ; many people have lick fits and qualms ofconfcience, and then they do as Crows, that give themfelves fl vomit by fwallowingdown fome hone when they are lick, and then they are well again ; fo when men are troubled for their fins, they will give themfelves avomit of prayer, a vomit of confeffion and humiliati- on, Ifa.58,5. Hence many when they can get no