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The Contents. el V e of terror to thofe that negle1t their Redemption 'y Chrift.p.69. A VfeofReproefto thofe thatfeekto come out oftheir miferahle condition of & by themfelves.,o Who they are that Chrif bath redeemed. 72. Chrift offered to all ingeneral. 3 Objections concerning Chriftsgeneral offer,anfwered. i.. The condition upon whichChrift is offered. 7 Fourforts ofpeople that reject Chrift. 7 Rejecting ofChrift a very dangerou3fin in five ref ecs. The danger offecurityplainly difcovered, 8 The fifth Principle,?hofe that arePaved are veryfew arefavedwith much difficulty, 8 The fmall number of true beleevers in all places. 6, Fourforts ofpeoplewhichare excludedfromfalvation.'.. 4 Vfe ofExhortationto all Prefumptio'u confident me n:: 89. Their Objetiions and Pleas for their intereft i, . ChriJ t,and their grounds for their ralvation,anfroer ` at large. 91 Wherein a childof God ,goeth beyond saq Hypocrite.96. A defcription ofhypocrifie. 9 Vnregenerate men are '1;1- poor in Spirit. ibid 7`hore that arefave,arePaved with much difficulty. 9 Salvation compared tofighting. iò Aolefcription offour ftrait gates to Heaven: I thegat of Humility. ibid. 2. ofFaith. 10I. 3. ofRepentance. ibid. 4ofOppofition. _o Nine fatfe gates or ways to Heavendifcovered. 71.Thc broadzray.¢.ofFormality,p.103.5. ofPrefumption.p. 10.4..6. of Sloth.7.ofCarelefnefs.8.of Lioderati, $. 105.9. of Self-love. s ce The 6 Principle, The rouge of mans eternal ruin ùfry dimfel f ; and that by four ways or reafons. s 16 The firft general reafon or way how men ruin themfet it by ignorance. 107. Want of the thefailing means ,ncwledge,wa»t offaithful Minifters. q T. YY?c - r... _ ._ .... _ -_t.. -t.