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il , r, Mans pa- dition is of You fhall find thefe men flue from bafe perfons I: himalf. and places, like the pea- houfes, commend the bell Books, cry down the fins of the time, and cry againfl civil or moral men ( theeye fees not it felf ) and cry up zeal and forwardnefs. Talk with him about many moral duties that are to be done towads God or man, he will TheSincere Convert. fpeak well about the excellency and neceffity of it, becaufe his trade and skill,whereby he H hopes to get his living and earn eternal life, heal there ; But fpeakabout Chrill, and liv- ing by faith in him and from him, and bot- toming the foul upon the promifes, ( pieces of Evangelical righteoufnefs ) he that is very skilfull in any point of controverfie, is as ig- norant almoll as a beg}, when he is examined here. Hence, if Minillers preach againfl the fins of the time, they commend it for a fpecial Sermon, (as it haply deferves too ) but let him fpeak ofanyfpiritual, inward, foul-working 'points they go away and fay, He was in their judgment confided and obfcure, for their part they underftood, him not. ( Beloved ) piftures are pretty things to look on, and that's all the goOdnefs of them, fo thefe men are ( as Chrifl looked on and loved the natural young man in the Gofpel ) and that's all their excel- lency: You know in Noahs flood, all that were not in the Ark, though they did climb and get to the top of the tallell mountains they were drowhed ; fo labour to climb never fo high in morality, and the duties of both Tables, ifthou goeft not into Gods Ark, the \ nay. 7If Lord Jefils Chrift, thou art lure toperifh eter- : '-.;.e'F'1-Z_.memma=suaiim=saaamiligoesrirwrioriarerloil