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The SincereConvert. nogoodby this phyfick, by their forrows and tears call off all again ; for making thefe things their God and their Chriíf, they for- fake them when they cannotfave them, Mat. 3.14. More, are driven to Chrifc by the fenfe of the burdenofanhard,dead,blind,fil thyheart, then by the fenfe offorrows,becaufe a man refts in the one, viz. inforrows, man commonly, but trembles and flies out ofhim felf when he feels theother : thus men reft in their repent- ance,and thereforeAufitin hath a pretty fpeech which founds harfh,, that Repentance darnneth, more than fin.; meaning that thoufands did perifh by reffing in it : and hence we fee a- mong many people, ifthey have large affeti.' ons, they think they are 'in good favour; if they want them , they think they arecaff- aways, when they cannot mourn nor be af- fet}ed as once theywere, becaufe they reft in them, 6. Ifthey have no rea here, then they turn f 6 moral men, that is, ftri& in all the duties of If corn- the moral law which is the greater matter than °t;n no g `humíliati- reformation, or humiliation , that is they I on, they grow very juft and fquare in their dealings Liurn mo_ with men, and exceeding flria in the duties al men. of the firf} Table toward, God, as fatting prayer, reading, obl'erving the Sabbath: and thus the Pharifees.lived, and hence they are called, The lriU Scot ofthe Pharifees. Take heed you miftake me not, Lfpeak not agaiiàf f}rianefs, but againffreffing_in it; for except your righteoufnefs exceed theirs ycu fiai!! not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. l You s59 Mans per di ion is of himfelf. More dri- ven to Chr lit by a heard heart, then by a for- rowful heart.