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164 Mlns per- their living that way, and hence me,n'having Mon is of hhafclf noexperience oftrading with Chrift b Yfirth -. . live of themfelves , Sampfon when all his ftrength was loft, would go fhake himfelfas at other times : fo when tnens f}rength is loft, and God and grace is loft, yet, men will go and tryhow they can liveby fhifts andworking for themfelves ítill. , Secondly , becaufe men are ignorant of 2 yefus Chrift and his righteoufnefs ; hence men Ignorance cannot go unto him becaufe they fee him not; of Chriís g , righteouf hence they fhift as well as they can for them, nets. (elves by their duties, John 4.14. Men feek to fave themfelves by their own fwimming,when they feel no Cable calf out to help them. Real: Thirdly, becaufe this is the eafieft way to Good du- comfort the heart , and pacifie confcience ties the,na- and topeafe God, as the fool thinks ; becaufe rural way by thismeans a man goes no furthrr than him of pleafing (elf. God. Now in forfaking all duties, a foul goeth to Heaven quite out of himfelf, and there he mull wait many year, and that for a little it may be. Now if a fainting man have vitaat his beds heads,he will not knock up the fhop-keeper for it. Men that have a Balfome of their own to heal them, will not go to the Phyfìrian. Fourthly, becanfe by vertue of thefe duties a man may hide his fin, and live quietly in his fin, yet be accounted an honeft man, as the whore in Prov. 7.15, I 6. having performed.,, her vows, can intice without fufpicionof men, 3r check of confcience; fo the Scribes and Pha- The Sincere Convert. Reaf.4. By good duties fin !maybekept in.