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The Sincere Convert. 65 Pharifees where horribly covetous, but their mansPer-- long prayers covered their deformities, Mat. diti°n 23. 14. and hence men let their duties at a 'If hill' f higher rate than they are worth, thinking they thall fave thembecaufe they are fo useful to them.Good duites,likenew apparrel on a man perfued with hue and cry ofconfcience, keep, him from being known. Take heed ofrefling in duties ; Good duties 'Ore I. are mens money without which they think Not to nil themfelves poor and miferable ; but rake heed in good thatyca andyour money perifl., not togethcr,Gal. duties 5.3 . The paths to hell arebut two. The firft is the path of Sin, which is' a dirty way. Se condly, the pathofDaties, which(refted in) is but a clearer way. When the Ifraelites were in diftrefsjudg.10.14. the Lord bids them go to the gods they ferved ; fo when thou {halt lie howling on thy ,death bed, the Lord will fay, go unto the good prayers and performances you made, and the tears you have thed. Oh they will be miferable comforters at that day. Objett. But I think thou wilt fay. No true (3'ijea Chriftian man hopes to be faved byhis good works and duties but only by the mercy of God, and merits ofChrift. ..tInfw. It is one thing to truft to be faved by -4,4.ffriv* ditties, another thing to ref in duties. Aman between trufis unto them, when he is of this opinion, truing that only good duties can fave him. Aman and tefling rells induties when he is of this opinion, that in dudes. only Chrift can fave him ,but in his pradife he goeth about to favehirpfelc. Thewifeft ofthe Papifts are fo at this day, and fo are our corn- M3 mon