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7he Sincere Convert. 169 grow in Legal righteoufne f s,(as the ftony and mans per. dition is thorny ground feed fprang upand increafed of hirnfetf much and came neer unto maturity ) and yet reft i doties all this while. For as'tis with trades-men, they ref in their buying and felling, though they make no gain of their trading : Now 7efrbs Chrift is a chrifti- ans gain, Phil. i.zr. and hence a child of God i asks him felf after Sermon, after Prayer, after Sacrament,1Vhat have i gained ofChrift? have I got more knowledge of Chrift, more admirino- of the Lord lefku ? Now a carnal 1-teart that r'efTs in his duties, asketh only what he halt done, as the Pharifee, I thank lam not as other men,Iflft twice a weekLrive alms, and the like ; and thinks verily he fltall he faved, becaufe he prajs, and becaufe he hears, and becaufe he reforms, and becaufe he forrows for his fins, that is,n.ot becaufe °Fate gaining of Chrift in a duty, but becaufe of his naked performance of the duty : and fo they are like that man that I have beard of, that thought verily he fhould be rich, becaufe he had got a wallet to beg : fo men becaufe they perform duties think verily they {hall be faved. No fuch matter, let a man have we muft a bucket made of gold ; doth he think to let allnur get water becaufe he bath a bucket ? No, no, ,dmics :c1(crainto he mutt let it down into the Well, and draw up water with it : fo mull thou let down all andridraw thy d LICICS into Chriff, and draw light and life,from his from his fulneffe , elfe though thy duties be fulners- golden duties thou fhalt perifh without Chrift. When a man bath bread in his wal- let,