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168 The,Sincere Convert. mans per- him where another man that falleth fhort of di'l"n is 'him never queftions his eftate the firft fees of fiiinfelf. much rottennefs and vilenefs in his bell duties, and fo judgeth meanly of himfelf ; the other ignorant of the vilenefs of them, prizeth them, and efteemittli highly of them, and fetting his corn at fohigh a price, be mayiicep them to himfelf ; the Lord never accepteth them nor buyeth them at fo high a rate. Thirdly, thofe that never came to be fenfi- Sign 3. ble of their poverty and utter emptinefs of dl A ren4- good: for fo long as a man lath a penny in his bility purfe,that is, feels any good in himfeif, he will our own emptlnefs. never come a begging unto yefus Cbrill., and therefore refts in him/elf, Now didft thou never fèel thy felf in this manner poor, viz. I am as ignorant as any beaft, as vile as anyDe- ; vii; Oh Lord what a nefi and litter offin and rebellion lurks in my heartll once thought at leaft my heart and defires were good, but now I feel no fpiricual life. Ohdead heart I am the pooreft, vileff, bafeft, and blindefl creature that ever lived. If thoudoll not thus feel thy feltpoor, thou never camefl out of thy duties ; for when the Lord bringeth any man to Chrif}, hebrings him empty,that fo he may make him beholding to Chrift for everyfar- t bing token. Fourthly , thofe that gain no Evangelical rigbteoufnefs by duties, reft in duties ; I fay, rigbteoufnefs, that is more pri- zing of acqaintance with , defire after loving and delighting in union with the Lord yefus Chrift : for a mortal man may grow ra. ei .1. A Legal, not an E- vangelical righttouf- net.