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The Sincere Convert. no God to punifh ? Is there no Hell hot e- mans per- dition is nough to torment ? are there noplagees to of himfelf. confound him?yes,whyfinnethbe fo then? Oh I he ?*Aayeth to God for forgivenefs,and forrow- eth and repents in fecret ( as he faith ) and this bears him up in his lewd pranks. Take a moral man, he knows he bath his failings, and his firs, as the belt have, and is ovetaken fometimes as the bell are., why dotb he not remove thefe fins then? He confef- feth them to God every morning when he rif- eth ; why is he not more humbled- under his fin then ? the reafon is, he coniantly obferveth morning a adeveniqprayer, and then hecraves forgivenep ofhis failings, by which courfe he hopes he makes his peace with God ; and hence he finneth without fear,and arifeth out of his falls into fin, without forrow. And thus they lee and maintain their fins by their du- ties, and therefore reft in duties. Sixthly, thofe that fee little of their vile hearts by duties, refl in their duties ; for if Sign 6. a man be brought nearer to Chrifl , and When we to the fight, by duties, he will fpie out more vf-eieletiohteaotutr, m-oes, for the more a in perticipates of by our Chrifi ' his 'health and life, the more he dutics. feeleth the vilenefs and lieknefs offin. As Paul when he r e fte d in duties before his con- verfion, before that the L e w had humbled him, he as Alive, that is, lie thought him- felf a fund man, becaufe his duties covered his fins like fig-leaves. Therefore ask thine own heart, if it be troubled fometimes for fin, and if after thy praying andfirr'lvi 171