Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

1 _ 172 The Sincere Convert. Mins per- thou doff grow well, and thinkeft thy felfe dition is of himCdf, fafe, and feeleff not thy felf more wile ? if it be thus, i tell thee, thy 'duties be but fig- Rom. 7 leaves to cover thy nakednefs, and the Lord Tawwhen will find thee out, and unmask thee oneday, he rested and WO to thee if thou doff perifh here. Ilogduties, lc Secondly, therefore behold the infH ct was Alive envy of all duties to fave ; which will ap- wheii he pear in thefe three things, which I (Peak, that dead, you may learn hereafter never to reft in duties The infid- Firft, confider thy beg duties are tainted, ficiency of( poyfoned , and mingled with fome fin, and any duty therefore are molt odious in the eyes of an co fave a holy God ( nakedly and barely confidered in pears in It hemfelves ) for if the beft aftions of Gods three people be filthy, as they come from them, things: then to be lure, all wicked mens At-ions are . much more filthy and polluted with fin : but Our belt du- ies are the firff is true, All our righteoufnPfs Are euy- finful. thy rags for as the fountain is,fo is the ftreany, but che fountain ofall good affions,(that is,the hear t3is mingled partly with fin, partly with grace, therefore every aftion participates of Ionic fin,vych fins are dagars at Gods heart,even Ifai when a rinan is praying & begging for his life ; . 6. 6. Mansrigh- therefore there is no hope to be faved by duties. teoufnets Secondly fuppofe thou couldeft per- like rags. form them without fin , yet thou couldeft not hold out in doing fo, IfaiAh 4o. 6. All fiefb and thegl9ry thereof is but grafs. So thy beft aftions %mild loon whither if they werenot perfeft : and if thou canft not per- fevere in performingall duties perfealy, thou art not ever undone, though thotrfhouldeft do b-ar==asstionamssegaZiaimillilllidi